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Strengthening resilience: sustainable adaptation to climate change in flood-affected areas of Assam

through multisectoral prevention & adaptation mechanisms and advocacy

PAD is partnered with Terre Des Hommes Germany and North-East Affected Area Development Society (NEADS), working in flood-affected areas of Lakhimpur and Majuli  Districts in Assam. 

Project Objectives

Facilitate Community Mobilisation

Establish Village-level Disaster Management Committees, disaster response Task Forces, Village Disaster Management Plans, and connect the community to existing disaster management networks. 

Boost Income-Diversification 

Provide opportunities for training and access to resources for alternative income streams in  local communities, and improve links with government support schemes.

Strengthen and Support Lobbying on behalf of Local Communities

Lobby local and regional government bodies, conduct original research, and support local advocacy to bring attention to issues in disaster-affect communities.

Climate Change in Assam At a Glance

Project Locations

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