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About People's Action for Development

The vision, mission and goals of our work with Adivasis and other marginalised communities in Assam, India. 

Our Vision

We visualise an equal and just society where people strive to live a healthy life in a clean environment.


Our Mission

We seek an equal and just society through the empowerment of marginalised Adivasis and tribal people: by organising them into self-help groups, building their capacity, enabling them to utilise available resources and creating awareness about the environment.

Our Goals

Increase literacy rate through formal and non-formal education

Promote and organise self-help groups in rural and tea garden areas

Support disaster preparedness through the formation of village disaster management committees

Link rural and tea garden people to government support schemes

Promote and support cottage industries in rural and tea garden areas

Provide health awareness and protect the environment

Facilitate skill development training for village youth

Empower people to participate in local governance

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