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Improvement Of Girl Child Education In The Tea Garden Areas Of Lakhimpur

People’s Action for Development has partnered with the  Education Champion Network to improve girls’ education in 10 tea estate villages in Assam, India. 

Project Objectives


Quality Education

Enhance the quality of schools by enriching and supporting girl child education


Promote mother-tongue based learning

Advance Mother Tongue Based Multi-Lingual Education centres to improve academic performance by making learning meaningful and enjoyable.


Stop Children Dropping Out of School

Focus on key transition periods:  Class 6 to 7, Class 8 to 9 and Class 12 to Tertiary.


Improve School Governance

Improve education governance in schools by building the capacity of community stakeholders and School Management Committees. 


Empower Local Communities

Instill the importance of girl child education in local community groups and key stakeholders. 


Raise awareness on Menstrual Health & Hygiene

Provide education on and normalise discussion around menstrual health & hygiene and encourage the best practices.

Girls' Education in Assam At a Glance


Female literacy rate in Assam

 (2011 Census)


of girls in Assam drop out of school before completing 10 years of education

(UDISE 2019-20)


of primary schools in Lakhimpur District in Assam do not have separate toilets for girls (Elementary Education in India 2016-17, District Report Cards)

Project Locations

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