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PAD Publishes Flood-management Guide for Local Communities

People's Action for Development (PAD) has published a handbook on flood management developed by Monoj Gogoi, the organisation's Documentation and Advocacy Manager. Titled ”Baan Durjugor Somoyat Lobo Loga Sabodhanatar Haathputhi”, or "measures to be taken during floods", it has been designed to be used by Village Disaster Management Committees

(VDMCs) and Task Forces set up by PAD across the Brahmaputra river basin in Assam, Northeast India.

The main objectives of this handbook are to raise awareness and guide flood victims in how they can reduce loss of life, damage to property and livestock, or other hardship during flood events. It will also help the VDMC and Task Forces to understand their roles and responsibilities, and includes information on best-practice pre-flood alerts and preparations in villages.

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