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Village Disaster Management Committees Formed in Lakhimpur District, Assam.

People’s Action for Development (PAD) has assisted in the formation of Village Disaster Management Committees (VDMCs) and Task Forces across 10 villages involved in the organisation’s climate change adaptation project.

PAD staff provided an outline of the roles, responsibilities and organisational structure of VDMCs and Task Forces. Each village nominated people to fill the available positions. VDMCs are made up of 15 members, and there are ten people on each Task Force. Task Force personnel are required to be physically fit and good swimmers. Three members of each Task Force sit on their corresponding VDMCs.

This initiative forms part of PAD's project, "Strengthening Resilience: Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change in Flood-affected Areas of Assam through Multisectoral Prevention and Adaptation Mechanisms and Advocacy."

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