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People’s Action for Development Provides Weaving Materials to Women’s Groups

On 31st December, People’s Action for Development (PAD) presented weaving materials to a total of 40 women in the villages of Kolbari and Bholukabari, in the Lakhimpur district of Assam. This was made possible by support from Terre Des Hommes Germany (TDH).

A PAD Livelihood Coordinator greeted everyone and gave a quick overview of the organisation, before leading a round of self-introduction sessions. He explained how raw materials assistance to women’s groups can help them improve their livelihoods and earn income to support themselves.

“We hope that with these raw materials, women will be able to make full use of it and become self-sufficient,” the livelihood coordinator said.

When asked for feedback, participants said they were very happy with the materials and it has been a great help for them because they are not able to afford good quality yarns for weaving, so they are going to make proper use of it. They are always grateful to PAD for empowering women like themselves.

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